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“Our enduring memories of Bartlett Law are the honesty, sincerity and professionalism. The best of people for the worst of times.”
— Sue & George Brickell
“I recommend the Employment Law Advice of Bartlett Law to my Clients because I am confident of the expertise that will be provided and the competence of the providers.”
“Having worked closely with Bartlett Law on many matters since its foundation, it is clear that its clients are in good hands and will receive efficient, effective, and timely advice and representation.”
— Wellington Counsel
“We were very impressed with the professionalism displayed by Penelope Ryder-Lewis of Bartlett Law in handling our case against a major company. It was a drawn out affair and the positive outcome resulted directly from her knowledge, skills and tenacity. We could not have wanted a better lawyer/client relationship.”
— Tony & Jill Lloyd