Mediation and Facilitation Dispute Resolution Service

We can help with mediation, facilitation and dispute resolution in a number of ways.

The first way is that both our lawyers are highly trained, experienced and skilled at helping people who are going to mediation.Where possible, those involved in a dispute should be empowered to resolve their differences themselves.  So, where we can, we’ll work with you to negotiate or mediate directly with the other party or parties involved, rather than going straight “to court”.  However, if it is necessary to go to court, we have the skills and experience to assist you through that process.

Our lawyers’ legal and dispute resolution experience can also help you with:

  • Preparing for and participating in mediation
  • Preparing to have difficult conversations or take part in difficult meetings (disciplinary, performance, salary negotiation, as well as sensitive issues such as bullying and harassment)
  • Communication and conflict coaching (both one on one and for groups)

The second way we can help is that one of our lawyers, Carolyn Heaton, is also a qualified independent mediator.  This means she can work with parties to a dispute and help them resolve their dispute.  She can be called on at short notice to do confidential mediation/facilitation/dispute resolution work.  In our experience, it’s often really important to quickly get someone independent to help with dispute resolution.  Carolyn’s experience as a mediator/facilitator is not just in the area of employment or HR; she can help with any type of dispute.

Carolyn’s skills and experience as a trained mediator can help you with:

  • Helping you to identify your best outcome
  • Communication and conflict coaching (both one on one and for groups)
  • Preparation and strategies for negotiation


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