Employment Law

In our employment law work for our employer clients and for business owners we focus on preventative law. We aim to avoid or minimise workplace law difficulties and we are recognised for our success in this. If there is a problem in the employment relationship, we work with our clients to advise them upon the problem, to address it and resolve it.

When working for employee clients we will act prudently and discreetly, endeavouring to protect your career and reputation in a manner that minimises unnecessary aggravation and distress. At all times, our goal is to resolve your employment problem and preserve your long-term interests.

The work we perform includes:

  • Employment agreements – drafting employment agreements, policies and procedures (including internet use and health and safety); no-fault trial periods; restraints of trade; fixed terms; vetting agreements for new employees; negotiating agreements; interpretation of agreements
  • Personal grievances – unjustified warnings; unjustified dismissals; constructive dismissals; dismissals for ill health, sickness, or incapacity; stress claims; injunctions; reinstatement; advising on the 90 day period for raising a grievance; employment relationship problems; raising and defending grievances; attending and advising on mediation; settlements; resolution; Employment Relations Authority; Employment Court; Court of Appeal
  • Disciplinary processes – conducting disciplinary investigations; investigating misconduct, poor performance, serious misconduct; advising employees; issuing warnings; dismissals; terminations
  • Holidays Act – interpretation; annual holidays and leave; public holidays; sick leave; bereavement leave; pay as you go holiday pay and holiday pay due on termination; cashing up holiday pay
  • Medico-legal – specialist advice relating to medical professionals including performance reviews; disputes; disciplinary processes and personal grievances
  • Bullying – making and defending complaints; investigations
  • Human Rights – discrimination; harassment
  • Ill health/incapacity/sickness – sick leave; medical examinations; stress; long-term ill health; abandonment of employment; investigations
  • Performance reviews – how to conduct reviews; advice; processes; procedures; implementation; remuneration reviews and bonuses
  • Restructuring – process; justification; consultation; information to be provided; good faith; redundancy
  • Good faith – obligations; breaches; good faith during the employment relationship and during a disciplinary investigation or restructuring
  • Compliance programmes – health and safety
  • Independent contractor contracts – interpretation; advice; restraints of trade; copyright provisions
  • Recruitment – interview questions; reference checking; independent contractors; pre-employment questionnaires; privacy obligations
  • Dispute resolution – mediation; arbitration; negotiation; settlement
  • Technology and social media – drafting policies and procedures; assisting employers and employees involved in investigations and disputes
  • Contractors – differences between contractors and employees; drafting contracts
  • Equal Pay – advice on claims; bargaining; legislative changes and settlement
  • Health & Safety – advice to employers, employees, businesses, directors and officers.
  • Investigations – conducting investigations for employers; assisting employees involved in investigations
"We have no hesitation in recommending Bartlett Law."
— Happy Client
"We have no hesitation in recommending Bartlett Law."
— Happy Client
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