We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality of legal advice in our core practice areas. We offer comprehensive advice and services in all areas of:

Employment/workplace law

Litigation services and support

Privacy law


We believe our clients are best served by focusing our energies upon our core specialties. We understand that the modern lawyer cannot be a jack of all trades and still deliver quality advice and service. The practical application of legal knowledge is the true test of expertise.

Our Approach

Our philosophy for all our work is to focus on our clients’ needs and how best to meet those needs.

Our goal is to work with our clients to solve their problems, whatever they may be.

In our employment law work for our employer clients and for business owners we focus on preventative law. Employment and other workplace relationships run much more smoothly and problems can be minimised if the right systems and structures are put in place from the start and if our clients know when to ask us for assistance.

We provide an holistic service and this is reflected in the way we work with clients to understand their businesses and then anticipate their employment law needs; ideally beginning with their employment agreement documentation. This helps to avoid or minimise workplace law difficulties and we are recognised for our success in this.

For our employee clients we provide a service where we review and vet employment agreements and advise them on any questions or issues they may have while the agreement is in force.

If there is a problem in the employment relationship, we work with our clients to advise on the problem, and to address and resolve it.

For employees this might mean assisting them during a restructuring by providing advice, helping them with documents or explanations, attending important meetings with them, or going to mediation with them.

For employers this could be drafting key documents with or for them, advising on processes to follow, assisting them to follow a suitable process and then achieve an outcome, and appearing with them in mediation.

We also recognise that sometimes a public hearing is necessary or what our client wants, and in those situations we will draft and issue proceedings and take the case to hearing.

In the other areas of our work we follow the same philosophy – discover our clients’ needs and then work with them to meet those needs.

People we work in association with:

We recognise that we cannot do everything and that we will best serve our clients if we work within our areas of expertise. Where necessary, we use formal associations with medical, health and safety, human resources, accounting, superannuation, actuarial, and compensation experts. We work regularly with senior counsel, including QCs.

“Our enduring memories of Bartlett Law are the honesty, sincerity and professionalism.  The best of people for the worst of times.” 
— Sue & George Brickell
"I recommend the Employment Law Advice of Bartlett Law to my Clients because I am confident of the expertise that will be provided and the competence of the providers."
“Having worked closely with Bartlett Law on many matters since its foundation, it is clear that its clients are in good hands and will receive efficient, effective, and timely advice and representation.”
— Wellington Counsel