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Established in 1997 and stemming from an employment law practice that reaches back to the 1930s, Bartlett Law is one of New Zealand's most established employment law firms.
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Bartlett Law wants to update all clients following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement lifting the Covid-19 alert status from Level 1 to Level 4.

Our office at 111 The Terrace, Wellington will be closed from 5pm Tuesday 17 August 2021 but from that time our staff will all be working from home as directed by government; this means that we will remain available should you require our services. Our staff are well positioned to assist you during this difficult time and will continue to provide you with legal services via telephone or email only (please see below for telephone numbers and email addresses).

We appreciate you may have questions regarding your employment legal matters and we encourage you to contact us using the contact methods below.

We appreciate everyone will be working through similar lockdown challenges as we did during the first lockdown in 2020. Bartlett Law wishes you the best of luck with looking after yourselves, your family and those in your communities.

PENELOPE RYDER-LEWIS - Phone: 021 477297 - prl@btlaw.co.nz

CAROLYN HEATON - Phone: 029 4958908 - carolyn.heaton@btlaw.co.nz

ANDREA SIMPSON-KEENE - Phone: 027 2701818 - andrea@btlaw.co.nz

SUZANNE MACKLEY - Phone: 027 4255021 - info@btlaw.co.nz