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Whether you have a pressing employment law problem, need some key documents drafted or simply want to explore how your business could benefit from better systems - we can help.
Meet Penelope

Penelope was admitted to the Bar in 1990 and has extensive experience in employment law in the private and public sectors, in addition to health law including medico-legal work and civil litigation.

Our history
Established in 1997 and stemming from an employment law practice that reaches back to the 1930s, Bartlett Law is one of New Zealand's most established employment law firms.


The COVID-19 lockdown was an unprecedented time for all of us. Bartlett Law took the opportunity of presenting two free webinars for clients from the comfort of our homes on how to manage the crisis from an employment law point of view.

During lockdown we remained available to our clients and gave advice on COVID-19 matters like the wage subsidy, restructuring, working from home, managing employees and mental health.

Now we are all back at our offices at 111 The Terrace, Wellington. With our return we will soon be launching our refreshed, new look website. Keep an eye out for it.

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